Hello! Our wedding will be held at:

Lakeridge RV Resort

8736 Double Cabin Road

Hillsville, VA 24343.

The dress code is casual--we're going to be outdoors! No suits, ties or gowns needed. Seriously, it's a campground. We're not talking hoity-toity, here. Also, no gifts required! Let your presence be your present. If you would like to contribute towards it, we are taking a familymoon in October (it's a cruise!); you can contact my dear sister Erica Putt at eputt@boscovs.com or 717-291-5460.

If you are planning on staying at the campground, they have lots of options available, including: tent sites, camper sites,

RV super-sites and lodge sites (FYI: lodge is a fancy word for "cabin"). Lodge sites vary from sleeper cabins with "basic comforts" (which I'm pretty sure means four walls and a roof), a one room lodge, a two-room lodge, or a full-service lodge. Everything but the sleeper cabins have a bathroom and a fridge, the full-service and park models have a kitchen. Camper sites offer water and electric.

Please be aware that cabins require a two-night minimum stay.

Here is the link to the resort's Lodging Rates:

There is a discount for guests coming for the wedding, but you have to call to get it. When you call, just let them know you're coming for the Martin-Bachman wedding and that you should receive a 10% discount. You will have to call to make your reservation!

We will be staying at campsite A41 if you would like to have a campsite near us--we will be reserving A39 and A43 (on either side of us)